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AcuFare 135 Reader Enhances BART Customer Experience


Acumen Delivers: Walter Allen, CEO of Acumen, and Doug Van Blaricom, senior systems engineer, review the first shipment of AcuFare 135™ units destined to enhance BART’s customer service-related ticketing efforts.

In support of San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) operations, Acumen recently delivered the AcuFare™ 135 reader designed to reinforce the customer-service ticketing function in BART’s transit stations.

BART operates 46 stations and it selected the AcuFare 135 reader to assist customer service agents with traveler inquiries regarding their contactless fare cards or devices. For example, when a contactless fare card or device is not functioning properly, a BART customer service agent places the card (or Near Field Contactless-enabled device such as a smartphone) upon Acumen’s AcuFare 135 reader.  The reader gathers the information from the card or device and displays the transit transaction history to BART’s customer service agent so the agent can determine a remedy.

The AcuFare family of readers meets ISO 14443 and ISO 18092 standards.  The AcuFare readers play a pivotal role for organizations or agencies that employ contactless smart card or Near Field technologies in their operations.  The readers can be customized for user solutions, such as security applications.

This Acumen milestone highlights another successful project in which Acumen has supported BART’s design and operations.  This AcuFare 135 implementation continues 20-plus years of a working relationship between BART and Acumen, including projects such as the development and implementation of Bill-to-Bill Changers in all stations, the SFO Airline Employee Discount Program, the BART EZ Rider card, and a High-Speed magnetic ticket encoder.  These are but a few of the successful projects in which Acumen has supported BART.

The AcuFare™ family of readers is available for purchase through the GSA.gov website.