The Transit Advantage

An infusion of funding

President Obama’s strategy to improve the nation’s transportation infrastructure with the federal infusion of $902 million in funds for high-speed rail (such as in San Joaquin Valley) and other inter-city rail projects means those of us in the transportation industry in California truly have the advantage of federal and state support.

Especially in the Bay Area … Keith Dierkx describes in the Huffington Post the new Transbay Transit Center — another huge opportunity to set an example for how public transportation can improve communities, protect the environment and create jobs. Beyond that, 17 innovative green transportation initiatives are in the works.

As a new blogger and professional consulting firm owner for 16 years who has seen the transportation industry change, I look forward to starting a dialogue with others in the industry, those who want to make transportation more accessible, support green technologies and ensure the next generation has the tools it needs to travel safely and efficiently to important destinations.

At Acumen, we want to live up to our new tagline: Improving the nation’s transportation infrastructure. And our new website and blog will help us connect with those of you who have similar goals. (By the way, I want to thank the hardworking team of staff and vendors including Studio 678, Michelle Margetts, and Shirley Chambers that developed the website and gave Acumen our new brand.)

As anyone who works in transportation has come to realize, surviving and thriving is all about handling constant change — gracefully and usually under pressure — to create a great product, service or project that improves the public’s transportation infrastructure experience in a safer, cost effective and more sustainable way. We cannot do that in a vacuum.

To that end, we intend to expand our transportation work in scope and reach from Hawaii to Washington, D.C.; roll out our AcuFare Smart Card Reader System nationwide for small transit agencies and special security applications; improve the nation’s transit infrastructure to implement high-speed rail; and continue to be a solid source of jobs and small-business opportunities.

My goal with this blog and all of our new social media efforts is to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening in transportation. I’ve always got my eyes and ears open for the latest innovations, and look forward to hearing from you about ways we can work together to improve transportation throughout the U.S. And, of course, I will keep you posted on all our latest efforts, as Acumen takes it to the next level. Welcome aboard.