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Will NFC-fueled transit transactions change the world?

The recent news that Apple Corp. plans to integrate Near Field Communication (NFC), a wireless technology that allows devices to communicate without the need for physical contact, into next-generation iPhones and iPads really got my attention. I think NFC-powered transactions can have a significant impact on the U.S. transit, healthcare and retail industries. Apple also […]

Why not run the high-speed rail corridor through Oakland?

With all the statewide and national controversy over high-speed rail (HSR) – from and to where, for how much, built by whom and when – now seems as good a time as any to muse about proposed routes. Residents on the Peninsula and in the city of Burlingame don’t want HSR coming through their neighborhoods. […]

An infusion of funding

President Obama’s strategy to improve the nation’s transportation infrastructure with the federal infusion of $902 million in funds for high-speed rail (such as in San Joaquin Valley) and other inter-city rail projects means those of us in the transportation industry in California truly have the advantage of federal and state support. Especially in the Bay […]