AcuFare Smart Card Reader

gsaadvantage_full_color_generic_2015AcuFare Smart Card Reader System

Acumen’s AcuFare Smart Card Reader System is an affordable automatic fare collection device for transit agencies and other organizations that need a versatile, contactless solution.  You can now order this innovative system and its peripherals from the U.S. General Services Administration’s Advantage shopping portal or by clicking on the GSA logo above.

The AcuFare system offers a wide array of data management, reporting, smart card management, and smart card fulfillment options designed to serve transit agencies of any size looking to integrate their fare collection operations with larger, regional transportation programs.

AcuFare Reader_Image

For further information on the latest AcuFare developments, call toll-free 888.530.3894 or e-mail marketing@acumentransit.com.  Acumen is proud to be a Smart Card Alliance member.

AcuFare Spec Sheet [pdf]

AcuFare 200 Smart Card Reader System Video Demo