AcuFare Spec Sheet


AcuFare Spec Sheet (PDF)


Interoperability: AcuFare works with a wide range of ISO 14443-compliant Type A and Type B contactless smart cards from manufacturers such as Gieseke and Devrient, Innovision, ASK, OTI, and others. Additionally, AcuFare is compatible with virtually any ISO 14443 Type A, ISO 14443 Type B, or ISO 18092-compliant device.

Security and authentication: AcuFare supports MIFARE® and 3DES encryption, as well as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), to verify that the smart card and reader use the same cryptographic key. Security Access Modules (SAMs) are also available for security, key storage, and key management configuration.

Data transferability: Specific trip data can be transferred to external storage media or via wireless Ethernet, and then uploaded to a PC for data collection. Configuration information can be downloaded from a PC in the same manner, and then transferred to the reader. Additional wireless data transfer options are also available.

Multiple configuration options: AcuFare can be customized to accept different card types, fare types, and business rules, as well as other system-specific configuration information.

Flexible reporting functionality: Data can be exported to multiple reporting applications.


  • Mountable, contactless smart card reader with a durable polycarbonate/steel housing
  • Color LCD display allows for customization with transit property graphics and optional full-motion advertisements
  • Full range of audio options allow you to use any recordable sounds for audible signals instead of just beeps and buzzers
  • Linux based design proven Linux kernel for reliability
  • Built-in Ethernet network support for standard IP messaging
  • Internal Web server allows transit agencies to easily view/change configuration settings
  • Auxiliary inputs for Global Positioning Systems (GPS) or other peripheral device integration
  • USB Host support allows for use of a USB Flash drive for log file retrieval
  • Real-time clock with a time stamp to record trip transactions
  • One (1) Gb internal memory for data storage
  • ARM9 400 MHz Controller
  • Two (2) slots for SAM devices (for holding system keys)
  • Locking, waterproof Switchcraft EN3™  connectors (U.S. Coast Guard-approved) for external power source and data connections
  • Secure and adaptable pole mount for horizontal or vertical mounting option