Bill-to-Bill Changer

Bill-to-Bill Changer

Bill-to-Bill Changers have found wide acceptance in mass transit scenarios where high-volume contact with the public is a daily occurrence. Part of a system-wide program, Acumen’s Bill-to-Bill Changers are installed in all San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) stations.

Bill-to-Bill Changer

Our robust machines have a primary goal: allow the users of this major public transit asset to exchange $10 bills and $20 bills for $5 bills in an easy, cost-effective way. These bills can then be used in the existing system’s ticketing machines when a high-value ticket purchase is not desired.

In addition to the mass transit sector, other locations that could easily merge a Bill-to-Bill Changer program within an existing framework to great effect, include airports, casinos, shopping malls, supermarkets, amusement parks and sports arenas.

Major benefits

  • Recognizes U.S. currency in $10 and $20 denominations in old and new style bills
  • Recognizes the bills regardless of the insertion orientation
  • Provides accounting and security functions built into the matrix of the hardware and software integration across the entire BART system
  • Provides the ability for BART personnel to monitor all these Bill-to-Bill Changer functions in real time across their network system
  • Frees one or more employees to pursue more important or profitable support functions within your organization
  • Integrates monitoring into your existing security and accounting operations with no additional personnel
  • Bill-to-Bill Changers have a proven track record of high reliability with minimal maintenance cycles and requirements
  • Most organizations already have in-house technicians or consultant services familiar with servicing similar devices
  • Removes the typical errors, temptations and potential for abuse incumbent in all cash-handling transactions
  • The system provides the ability for constant monitoring of all cash-exchange transactions from a secure, remote central location


  • Dimensions: 34-inch width x 28-inch depth x 50-inch height
  • Supply Voltage: 120V or 277V, depending on the demand
  • Power Consumption: Up to 300W
  • Weight: Up to 750 lbs
  • Network Connectivity: Ethernet 100Mb/s or 100Base-F or 10Base-F, depending on the demand

To learn more about our innovative Bill-to-Bill Changer, call toll-free 888.530.3894 or e-mail marketing@acumentransit.com.