Construction Management

Construction Management

National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak), Washington, DC
Amtrak Improvements Project – Task Order 1

Acumen Building Enterprise, Inc. is providing construction management services to Jacobs Project Management Company. As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA Projects), Amtrak is building a new maintenance facility in Los Angeles, CA. The new facility will make the Amtrak system more efficient in executing maintenance on its fleet. Acumen is currently providing senior inspection services at the project site, including performing technical inspection and testing to ensure compliance and conformance with contract documents, and completing inspection reports. Other duties include inspecting concrete pours and testing indirect waste line installation and backfills.

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART), Oakland, CA
Construction Management Services for BART Projects

Acumen is part of the team led by Jacobs Engineering that won a 5-year, $15 million contract to supply construction management (CM) services to BART. Acumen will manage projects and place personnel on an as-needed basis for construction projects throughout the system. Major upcoming projects include the Oakland Airport Connector, Warm Springs Extension, Contra Costa Crossover, and East Contra Costa Extension (eBart). These projects represent over $1 billion in construction that will take place over the next 10 years. As a part of the Jacobs-Acumen Strategic Alliance at BART, Acumen will receive up to 25 percent of the CM contract value to supply construction support professionals for services such as cost estimating, scheduling, resident engineering, office engineering, document control, commissioning, and claims avoidance and support.

  • System Wide Seismic Upgrade Project: Acumen is serving as resident engineer (RE) for this project. The RE is responsible for supervision of four construction teams and is accountable for the performance of these teams that are delivering the BART systems seismic upgrade of structural, mechanical, fire protection, and electrical power systems.
  • Accessible Faregate Project: BART is implementing the installation of Parking Validations Machines and Accessible Fare Gates at designated district stations. The process requires the removal of old and installation of new Automated Fare Collection (AFC) equipment. Acumen is serving as a field engineer for this project. Acumen staff will review and ensure that all construction activities meet or exceed applicable codes and regulations. Acumen staff also performed document control, created drawings for installations, and reviewed contracts.

Port of Oakland, Oakland, CA
Berths 55-56 Wharf and Phase I of Container Yard

As a member of the construction management team for this $58 million project, Acumen provided master scheduling, cost estimating, dredging and construction inspection, document control, and office engineering services. The scope of work involved the construction of the first section of the wharf and backlands for the Port’s Vision 2000 program. This included demolition of existing piers, dike construction, excavation, dredging, backfill, bank protection, and construction of 2,400 linear feet of wharf, as well as construction of 11 acres of containerized cargo storage, outfalls, storm drains, lighting, crane rails, and all utilities. Acumen staff also assisted in offloading four of the world’s largest containerized cargo cranes onto a partially completed wharf section. This work was performed under tight environmental and time constraints.

BART, Oakland, CA
BART On-call General Engineering Services, Vibro-Replacement Along Transbay Tube Offshore Demonstration, Earthquake Safety Program

The Vibro-Replacement Along Transbay Tube Offshore Demonstration Program was developed to further explore and test means to counter the effect of liquefaction along the Transbay Tube. BART identified vibro-replacement as the preferred means to mitigate liquefaction. This program had the following goals: verify vibro-replacement as a viable method, test varying patterns to develop the most cost-effective plan, and further aid in the engineering of the project to support the large-effort production work.

Acumen staff served as the Resident Engineer (RE) on this marine-focused project. Duties included project oversight and interface with the program manager, Bechtel; the contractor, a joint venture between Hayward Baker, Traylor, and Soletanche; and the geotechnical engineer of record, Geomatrix. Acumen managed the contract and served as the liaison between BART and all parties involved. The RE also conducted the construction meetings, assisted the technical evaluation team, managed the marine inspection teams, reviewed and made payment recommendations to BART, and managed the administrative staff. The RE reported to the BART project manager in charge of all tube-related activities.

Acumen also provided highly qualified staff familiar with maritime work and the challenging bay waters. The team performed work in the heavily trafficked Central San Francisco Bay from barges on anchor in deep water and heavy currents. The team was also involved in the contractor technical proposal evaluations, multi-agency coordination, and overcoming the challenges of survey control and Transbay Tube Safety. The project included oversight of the post-construction geotechnical borings and performance criteria. This was a dynamic project requiring engineering coordination and design revisions with the contractor on station. The project was delivered on budget with a minimal time extension.

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit), Oakland, CA
Engineering, Design, and Construction Project Management, Hydrogen Refueling Facility and Modification of Maintenance Facilities

As a subconsultant to Nexant, Acumen performed project management services for this construction project that will bring eight hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Fuel cells offer the opportunity to replace the internal combustion engine with a clean, quiet, efficient, and environmentally sound alternative. Environmental benefits include the potential for zero-emissions in dense, urban neighborhoods, substantial reductions in noise levels with the use of quiet, electric drive systems, significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and the potential use of renewable sources of energy – solar, wind, and hydropower – to produce hydrogen fuel. Fuel cell buses are quiet, electrically propelled vehicles, environmentally friendly, and only emit distilled water exhaust from the tailpipe in the form of steam, which evaporates and does not adversely affect air quality.

Acumen’s primary responsibilities were to prepare the construction package, review submittals from the construction contractor, conduct pre-construction meetings, provide clarification on engineering drawings and specifications, report to AC Transit on the contractor’s progress, and provide startup, and operations and maintenance training, and safety certification.

AC Transit, Oakland, CA
As-Needed Design/Engineering/Architectural and Construction Project Management Services – Eastmont Mall Transit Center Improvements –
Construction Inspection/Administration Support

AC Transit improved the Eastmont Mall Transit Center in Oakland, CA by removing existing pavement and markings and by reconstructing the site. Acumen staff provided on-site construction inspection and administration. Acumen attended project meetings, certified test results performed by others, verified materials for use, and verified proper installation procedures and installation. Acumen staff also reviewed contractor invoices and schedules; made recommendations for payment based on work observations in accordance with the contract documents, schedule, and contract requirements; and prepared inspection reports.