Access Control & Security

Access Control and Security

Oakland International Airport Expansion Program, Oakland, CA
Jobsite Employee Badging and Access Control System

For Oakland International Airport, Acumen designed a complete turnkey, wireless ID badging, access control, and time-tracking system. This included the capability to photograph authorized project personnel, issue a personalized color ID card, and track card data. When staff presented the card to a reader to gain entrance into the jobsite, the information was linked to the office database that houses employee information for payroll and identification purposes. Each card contained:

  • Staff name
  • Photograph
  • Signature
  • Subcontractor name
  • Unique identifier number
  • Bar code

The system restricted access to designated points of entry through the use of stationary turnstiles equipped with bar code readers, or by security personnel using handheld bar code reading Personal Digital Assistants. The time and date of each entry and exit could be wirelessly logged into the jobsite database and immediately available via the web-based management system for easy retrieval. As part of this project, Acumen designed and installed a database and a wireless communication equipment/database storage system; tested system functionality; provided training to Turner’s personnel and the airport security team; and provided project support until the Oakland International Airport Expansion Program was complete.