Management & Outreach

Project and Program Management and Outreach

Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC), Oakland, CA
Program Management and Administration Services

Acumen is currently a prime contractor delivering program management and administrative services to ACTC. Acumen staff and two subcontractors, Publications Design, a graphic-design firm, and Lohnes & Wright, a GIS and mapping company, are providing six main tasks for ACTC: pass-through fund program support; grant programs support; programwide administrative support including website postings and updates; development of reports and publications; meeting preparation and support for four main community advisory committees as well as several other committees; and on-call services. In addition to these tasks, Acumen staff reviews and documents policies and procedures, writes grants, develops and edits grant agreements, and creates content for many documents, such as ACTC’s monthly report, annual report, e-newsletter, program fact sheets, and other publications. Acumen also provides recommendations for process improvements, creates project timelines and calendars and other project management tools, and reports on the team’s progress.

ACTC, Oakland, CA
Project Control Administration Services

Acumen provides project administration services to ACTC. Acumen staff serves as project assistants for the Project Control Team; staff provides administrative support to the project control coordinator, and fills in for the office manager in her absence from the office. Duties include composing letters and memorandums, preparing agendas and meeting notifications, receiving and processing all incoming/outgoing correspondence, maintaining files, providing telephone support, and preparing meeting minutes. Acumen staff also files documents, process and track project agreements, processing project invoices, edit and reproducing the monthly executive director’s report and other reports, posts information to the ACTC website, compiles data for Citizen Watchdog Committee meetings, compiles spreadsheet data for ACTC accruals, and performs other general administrative support as necessary.

ACTC, Oakland, CA
Alameda County Paratransit Coordination Renewal

As part of the paratransit team, Acumen staff tracks taxi program usage, paratransit waiting area upgrades, and expansion of the Hospital Discharge Transporation program, as well as provides general project management support for implementation of all aspects of ACTC’s Mobility Coordination Gap Grant. Acumen also provides outreach services and education such as providing a strategic Outreach Plan, quarterly updates, and documentation of outreach outcomes, participation in outreach events, and ongoing staffing of ACTC’s Paratransit Information Line. Other tasks include meeting preparation, facilitation, and coordination; program management and review; grand fund coordination and administration; and general support services for seniors and people with disabilities.

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, Oakland, CA
BART On-call General Engineering Services, Outreach and Training, Earthquake Safety Program

Acumen has worked closely with BART’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) to develop a new small business outreach program to increase the number of small contractors bidding and winning contracts associated with BART’s Earthquake Safety Program (ESP). This program is supported and reviewed by BART’s top management and board of directors. Acumen led development of the program and is now managing program implementation.

Acumen assisted BART by developing the core components of the outreach program including tracking and success metrics, reporting, and overall program management criteria. In addition, Acumen has increased the pool of qualified firms available to work on the ESP and has succeeded in helping firms to secure work as subcontractors. Acumen staff supports them throughout the process, from program intake to contract win.

Acumen currently oversees implementation of the program and provides guidance to BART related to analysis and evaluation of overall program success, oversight on all internal stakeholder communication and analysis, process design, and program budget analysis. In addition, Acumen also assisted BART with its response to the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Title VI inquiry related to the Oakland Airport Connector project. Acumen assisted BART’s OCR with research and editing of the District’s response to the FTA’s Title VI inquiry and provided guidance to BART in relation to Title VI and interpreting FTA Circular 4702.1A. Acumen staff also provided counsel on the development of the framework for a potential social justice policy for the District.