Smart Card Solutions

Smart Card Solutions

Yuma County Area Transit/Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization, Yuma, AZ
AcuFare 200 Procurement for Yuma County Area Transit/Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Arizona Bus Sales Corporation recently procured Acumen’s latest generation smart card system, the AcuFare 200, for use by Yuma County Area Transit (facilitated by the Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization (YMPO)) in Yuma, AZ. Acumen is delivering a highly customized smart card-based automated fare collection solution for YMPO, one with multiple rider classes, multiple fare products including time period-limited trips, multiple fare discounts, and distance-based fares for this bus system. To address the distance-based fares, Acumen offered multiple approaches, including a pre-programmed driver-selectable fare amount controller and a Global Positioning System-based solution. The AcuFare 200 system delivered to YMPO includes a full suite of reporting capabilities, as well as card management and account reconciliation tools.

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PANYNJ), New York, NY
Regional Smart Card Program

The Regional Interoperability Standard (RIS) provides PANYNJ with an open standard that allows options for smart card usage, integration, and applications for automated fare collection systems. Acumen was responsible for testing the interoperability of smart cards and card readers from different manufacturers. Staff also developed software to prove and quantify interoperability. Acumen developed test programs and a transit application emulation environment to demonstrate the functionality of different smart cards with multiple smart card readers. Staff configured the manufacturers’ equipment to achieve and display interoperability. The configuration and testing demonstrated cross-platform interoperability between smart cards from four manufacturers and four smart card readers. The primary language used in developing the software application was C++. Acumen was responsible for enhancements to the proof-of-concept program and provided support for the implementation of the RIS standard at PANYNJ’s AirTrain.

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART), Oakland, CA
San Francisco International Airport Airline Employee Discount Program Smart Card System Development

Acumen was responsible for developing a smart card-based discount program for San Francisco International Airport airline employees. The program allows employees to commute on BART at a discounted fare through the use of a contactless smart card. The responsibilities of Acumen’s engineering team included creating a Linux-based database and developing a web server and card issuance applications, so all of the systems could be seamlessly integrated into BART’s internal network. Staff also served as the point of contact for the equipment providers. Acumen engineers developed and fabricated a custom antenna, and configured the badging station, which included a camera, a signature pad, and a smart card printer/encoder/reader.

Azure Dynamics Inc./Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation,
Bronx, NY
Smart Card Reader Procurement

Acumen provided Original Equipment Manufacturer services for Azure Dynamics Inc. by producing the AcuFare 100TM readers for Azure Dynamic’s hybrid busses developed for the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (BOEDC). The AcuFare100TM is Acumen’s first generation smart card reader system. It represents a new breed of affordable smart card Automatic Fare Collection solutions developed specifically for all small, mid-sized, and rural transit operators and agencies requiring the convenience and accuracy of data collection such a system inherently offers.

The AcuFare100TM hardware delivered to Azure Dynamics/BOEDC offered a wide variety of features:

• Mountable, durable ABS/steel housing and a Plexiglas status indicator on top of the unit
• Colored status lights showing various levels of functionality:
– Blue light indicates “Ready” status
– Green light indicates Card read successfully—display remains green; user hears long, uninterrupted sound
– Flashing red light indicates the card rejected or unrecognized—display flashes red 8 times; user hears 8 beeps
– White light indicates a transaction history data transfer to external SD Card media is in progress
• Three-piece, secure and adaptable pole mount with Medeco high security locks
• Locking, waterproof Switchcraft EN3™ external power source connector (U.S. Coast Guard-approved)
• Real-time clock with a time stamp to record trip transactions
• 2 Gb internal memory for data storage (removable)
• Removable SD memory card for transaction retrieval and data transfer

The BOEDC implemented this system using an open-ended pass product, whereby passengers were not charged a specific fee with each ride. Instead, the BOEDC used the system to collect actual ridership data in an accurate manner, so that usage could be tracked per day, per vehicle, by time, and by individual card (if necessary). Issuance of a smart card to the passengers also ensured that only eligible riders were able to use the system, since the smart card could not be easily copied. The system uses MIFARE cryptography and is keyed specifically for this system. System usage data logs are exported as comma delimited text files for ease of use and integration with the standard Microsoft Office Suite tools used by the BOEDC for reporting purposes.

The original procurement through Azure Dynamics was for three AcuFare100TM readers and 500 configured smart cards. The system has been well received, and subsequently, the BOEDC procured additional cards in 2008 and 2009. The BOEDC also procured an additional reader in 2009 in response to the growing use and acceptance of the system.