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Support Transportation: Vote No on Prop 6

Acumen Building Enterprise, Inc. (Acumen) works on a daily basis to improve California’s transportation system. I urge you to join us and vote no on Proposition 6, to protect transportation and the environment. A yes vote on Prop 6 this November would repeal Governor Brown’s transportation plan funded by gas and car taxes, eliminating more than $5 billion per year in transportation funding.prop-6-posting

A repeal would stop hundreds of road improvement, public transit and bicycle and pedestrian projects, which could be catastrophic. These drastic funding cuts would affect road and bridge travel times, decrease safety and hinder public access to transit, pathways and trails throughout the state. Furthermore, the repeal would negatively affect the environment and air quality and put unnecessary restrictions on future fuel and car taxes.

The Los Angeles Times sums it up: “It’s hard to overstate how destructive Proposition 6 would be for California.

Don’t let our transportation infrastructure crumble and put your safety at risk. Take action this November. Vote no on Prop 6. See the fact sheet for more information.