Our Commitment to Sustainable Transportation

Acumen Building Enterprise, Inc. (Acumen) was founded in 1994 by former Navy officer and entrepreneur Walter E. Allen as a professional services consultancy that specialized in green buildings. In 2002, Acumen became an S Corporation with 18 employees, and since that time the firm has grown to more than 50 employees and shifted its focus to green transportation infrastructure and systems engineering.


To reduce CO2 emissions by developing innovative transit systems and solutions that integrate all modes of transportation and connect people around the world.


To improve transportation infrastructure and mobility throughout the world.

Core Values

As a small business, Acumen thinks big. These 10 core values contribute to our culture and influence how we work.

  1. Provide services that improve mobility.
  2. Produce innovative, high-quality products.
  3. Support teamwork and partnerships.
  4. Be agile, responsive and smart.
  5. Communicate often and listen well.
  6. Embrace diversity and different worldviews.
  7. Have respect and compassion for others.
  8. Protect the environment for our future.
  9. Foster learning, growth and fun.
  10. Be positive, patient, persistent.