Technology Research & Development

Technical Research & Development

Developing prototypes for contactless payments, positive train control on commuter rail, electric and automated vehicles, and other innovations increase safety, reduce emissions and improve the rider experience. Acumen is adept at inventing, refining, testing and implementing emerging technologies that transform the transportation industry.

Products and Services

From fare payment apps built to use transit operators’ route and payment General Specification Feed Data to other custom mobile and web apps, Acumen works closely with clients to understand their needs throughout the app development life cycle.

Innovative, low-cost fare collection solutions for urban and rural commuter rail and bus operators include contactless smart card reader system design and implementation as well as use of biometrics.

Our research and development team is adept at inventing, refining, testing and implementing software and hardware solutions that improve transportation system operation and the rider’s experience.

Acumen transportation researchers and subject matter experts provide insights into the innovations, applications and standards vital to the successful planning, design, operation, control, maintenance and rehabilitation of transportation systems, services and components.

As the development of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles (EVs/AVs) gains momentum in the marketplace, Acumen brings its expertise in alternative and sustainable mobility technology research and implementation to support the progress.

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