AcuFare Fare Collection System

Reliable, secure and easy-to-use fare collection solutions are key to successful transit system operation. Acumen has spent the better part of two decades focusing on a range of solutions that support and modernize the nation’s fare collection strategies. The AcuFare system is a versatile, contactless fare collection system for transit and other organizations.


  • 2010: Acumen’s R&D team began to develop and test an affordable automatic fare collection device, AcuFare 100.
  • 2016: Acumen started to sell this product through GSA in 2016.
  • 2017: BART ordered AcuFare 200 contactless smart card readers for placement in all 49 station agent booths.
  • 2021: The R&D team designed the latest iteration, the AcuFare 250.

AcuFare 250 was developed as an innovative, closed-loop contactless smart card system to improve operational efficiencies and enhance safety and mobility options for small and mid-sized transit operators. It is affordable, customizable and easy to use. Watch the AcuFare 250 Bus Validator Demo for more information.

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