Brandywine Louis Delsarte Heaven and Earth

Brandywine Workshop and Archives

Brandywine Workshop and Archives (BWA) is a diversity-driven, nonprofit cultural institution that produces and shares art to connect, inspire and build bridges among global communities. Acumen’s President and CEO Walter Allen is on the Board of Directors and has been an art aficionado for decades. Acumen supports BWA’s mission of diversity and inclusion in the art world.

Featured at Harvard Art Museums March 4, 2022–July 31, 2022:
Prints from the Brandywine Workshop and Archives: Creative Communities

BWA’s latest project, is a free, interactive digital archive of culturally diverse art and artists that gives visitors access to a wide variety of voices, experiences and histories not found in any other single open-educational resource. A National Art Education Association webcast demonstrates how can be an invaluable resource for art teachers looking for multicultural teaching materials online. Acumen is working toward a partnership with the Oakland Unified School District to bring this educational tool to students. In addition, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth offers online BWA and courses.

In 2021 Acumen and Brandywine collaborated on a 2022 Wall Calendar with artwork provided by BWA that addresses the universal realities of the human struggle in all its resilience and triumph.

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