Park Street Bridge Oakland

Alameda County Public Work Agency Movable Bridges Automation Feasibility Study

Acumen is part of the Hardesty & Hanover consultant team that is preparing a Movable Bridges Automation Feasibility Study for the Alameda County Public Works Agency (ACPWA). The ACPWA provides, maintains, operates and preserves public infrastructure, while promoting a healthy and sustainable environment that supports safe and livable communities. The agency maintains and operates a number of movable bridges, which are manually operated, and wants to explore whether modernizing the control systems of these facilities will be possible via installation of state-of-the-art equipment intended to make the operations more efficient. The ACPWA aims to implement automation, offsite management and monitoring of these bridges at ACPWA headquarters.

Based in Oakland, CA, Acumen will assist in performing a Movable Bridges Automation Feasibility Study for three bridges in Oakland: High Street, Park Street and Miller-Sweeney Bridges. Acumen staff has specialized skills in gathering site information, developing project strategies and performing cost estimation and scheduling services. For the Feasibility Study, Acumen will serve as “boots on the ground” for the proposed team in communicating with the agency, gathering information, performing site assessments, conducting meetings and ensuring the input and concerns of stakeholders are addressed.