BART Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Equipment Test Bench

The test bench project scope entailed converting two operational BART machines — a ticket vending machine and a fare gate machine — into test fixtures that provided BART technicians with complete visibility and the ability to access and diagnose the AFC equipment’s mechanical and electrical components during operations. The Acumen team was involved in design, delivery and disassembly of the AFC equipment and final construction of the test bench.

Acumen staff performed the following:

  • Disassembled a working production BART AFC machine to obtain all necessary components and mechanical and electrical subsystems for the test bench.
  • Used the manufacturer’s schematics to ensure the units would work within the Acumen-designed housing and fixtures while ensuring equipment visibility during testing and diagnosis.
  • Developed electronic drawings of robust mechanical parts for fabrication of steel frames and mounts.
  • Designed the fixtures to support the components and subsystems.
  • Oversaw the component and mount fabrication based on Acumen’s specifications.
  • Laid out the manufacturer’s cables for individual removal and substitution of units.