BART Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Modernization Program

BART Automatic Fare Collection Modernization Program

Acumen analyzed automatic fare collection (AFC) system capacity and provided field engineering support for BART’s AFC Modernization Program. Professional services included prototype design review, plastic ticket implementation, site preparation activities, field inspection and installation support, engineering support for a new currency machine for San Francisco International Airport expansion, technical support for the evaluation of cash handling operations, and development and implementation of high-speed ticket encoders.

Our R&D team also developed and implemented new smart card technology at BART and developed a comprehensive limited use smart card specification, an encryption key management procedure for smart cards, and a procedure for quality assurance/quality control for smart cards. Other professional services include procurement, contract administration, construction management, and claims management support for the AFC equipment, including ticket vending machines, add fare machines, and gate renovation at 39 BART stations.