BART Transbay Tube

BART Construction Management Services

Acumen provides construction management services on numerous BART construction projects throughout the system. Over the last decade, project assignments and personnel placement occur on an as-needed basis. Acumen’s construction support professionals perform services such as construction management, construction inspection, cost estimating, scheduling, resident engineering, office engineering, document control, commissioning and claims avoidance and support. Refer to the BART Construction Management fact sheet for more information.

Construction project examples include:

Construction inspection for the Transbay Tube Retrofit Project: Tasks include 1) field engineering, special communications, data and document handling; 2) construction management services such as project communications, schedule management, technical support, environmental monitoring, project reporting, safety and training and project closeout; and 3) emergency response in the event of a rapid response or emergency requirement.

Field engineering for the Parking Validation Faregate Project: Acumen implemented the installation of Parking Validation Machines and Accessible Fare Gates at designated district stations. The process required removing old and installing new automated fare collection (AFC) equipment. Staff reviewed and ensured that all construction activities met or exceeded applicable codes and regulations. Acumen staff also performed document control, created drawings for installations and reviewed contracts.

Inspection services for System-Wide Seismic Upgrades of Electrical Communication Cabinets: Tasks included inspection services for systemwide seismic upgrades of 300 electrical communication cabinets throughout the BART system. Acumen visited designated locations to determine the structural anchorage of BART’s train controls, motor controls for vent structures, substations, gap breakers and the electrical cabinets that control lighting AFC equipment. Staff created CAD drawings, photographed all findings and kept a daily report.