California High-Speed Rail Authority Early Train Operator Services

As a subconsultant to Deutsche Bahn Engineering & Consulting USA, during the first phase of this project, Acumen is assisting the prime consultant and the Authority and its advisors on the design, development and procurement of the commercial aspects of high-speed rail passenger train operations. Acumen is providing general consulting services and support in delivering the following key deliverables:

  • Calculation of operations and maintenance cost estimates under various scenarios and analysis of the associated impact on the financial plan.
  • Analysis and report on preferred revenue collection systems.
  • Integration plan for state-wide rail service.
  • Mobilization plan for pre-operations testing and training.
  • Interim financial plan for the high-speed rail system.
  • Formal concurrence on the procurement process/documents reviewed under general consulting services before being implemented.

In addition, Acumen is providing technical writing and editing services for the California High-Speed Rail Business Plans and supporting technical documents including ensuring the documents are accessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act. See the Early Train Operator fact sheet for more information.