Castroville Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge

County of Monterey Castroville Bicycle/Pedestrian Path and Railroad Crossing Project

This project for the County of Monterey entailed constructing a bicycle and pedestrian bridge crossing over railroad tracks and a new bicycle/pedestrian path parallel to Highway 156. The bridge provides safe access over the Union Pacific Railroad train tracks and connects downtown Castroville to Elkhorn Elementary School and North Monterey County High School. The project also links various portions of the existing multimodal transportation infrastructure, improving access for bicyclists and pedestrians from the Monterey Peninsula, Salinas to Watsonville to Santa Cruz County

Acumen provided office engineering and labor compliance services for this project that 1) supports active transportation, e.g., skateboarding, skating, scooting, bicycling, walking and running; 2) boosts the local economy with tourism; 3) reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions; 4) and improves public health.