Metro TAP Device

Los Angeles Metro Transit Access Pass Service Center

Acumen was responsible for the implementation and ongoing operation of Metro’s Transit Access Pass (TAP) Service Center. Acumen provided the services and resources required to deploy, install and maintain 800 compact point-of-sale (POS) terminals for TAP card sales and value-load activity. Acumen programmed all POS equipment with the correct fare structures; assigned POS equipment to the appropriate third-party vendor in the backend data collection and administration software; and updated and maintained almost all POS-related information in the manufacturer’s back-end software.

In addition, Acumen provided services such as cardholder registration, card inventory and distribution, and POS network management over a five-year period. Highlights include identifying technical requirements; performing site visits; developing and delivering vendor training programs; and performing on-site troubleshooting in coordinating with Metro staff.