The Transit Advantage

Trams, Trains and Automobiles: Transportation in Today’s Cuba


In November of last year I traveled to Cuba with a delegation led by Congresswoman Barbara Lee to explore business and transportation development opportunities on the island. It was my second trip to Cuba, but my first since President Barack Obama’s historic reopening of diplomatic relations, so it was an inspiring time to be visiting.

With an increase in Cuban private enterprise and the opening up of the “Pearl of the Antilles” to international markets, the next few years will no doubt see massive development in transportation and infrastructure. But for now, the rickshaw operators still ply their trade in the streets of Havana and thousands of people drive American cars from the 1940s and 1950s that, through sheer Caribbean ingenuity, have somehow been kept on the road since the Batista administration.

Enjoy my slideshow showing a wide sampling of the multi-modal approach to transportation available in today’s Cuba, and if you’re a “transpo buff” like me, check out the link below to a fascinating website about the historical tramways of Cuba.